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Your Hair is 90% of Your Selfie

23 February, 2017


Change your hair, Slay your selfie!

In order to truly ace the art of taking selfies on Instagram you need to switch it up and make sure your hair is on point. After all, if your hair isn’t in tip-top shape you won’t be at the top of your selfie game.

Today we’re going to guide you through the process of slaying your selfie.


  1. Do a New Do

First of all, if you feel like you have a good grasp of your selfie game but not so much of your hair game, it’s time to make a change. There’s nothing more fulfilling than getting a hot new cut or colour, or both! Switch up your hair, try a different style and boost your selfie confidence through the roof. We take the selfie game seriously, just sayin’.


  1. To Get It Right, Get a Light

Lighting is so important, and every professional photographer can talk for days about the importance of lighting in photographs. Use the light to your advantage, and literally shed some light on your hair. If you can, stand close to a solid source of lighting, preferably natural lighting. In order to avoid any dark shadows or harsh lines keep the light source in front of you and just a tiny bit above the eye level as it’s the most flattering.



  1. Get Moving

It’s important to strike a pose that you love the most and stay there, it’s also crucial to keep your hair moving. Flip it, sweep it, tousle it, and hold it. Simply move it around and take selfies as you go. In this frenzy of hair poses you never know which one is going to be the golden one.



  1. Edit to Perfection

You don’t have to be a professional to edit photos, Instagram itself offers a variety of choices for editing. However if you’re not really into Insta-editing, try out Afterlight. With 74 unique filters, 78 natural textures, 128 frames afterlight has some of the most precise tools for editing exposure and other specifics of your photo.


Take the first step towards selfie glory, meet the team that can revamp your current do to look eye-catching, on trend and shiny insta ready.   Simply Book online today and start slaying those selfies!


Love is in the Hair

7 February, 2017



Be on your best Valentines Day game for that someone special this week and choose an easy yet glam hairstyle. It’s one of those special days where you can skip the basics and glam it up a little. Use these easy steps to prep your hair and our style guide to change up your look for date night!


Valentine’s Hair Prep

Show some love to your hair and before the most romantic day of the year arrives here’s how you should prepare and take care of your hair.

  • Give your hair a boost before prepping with hot tongs and Irons. We recommend an Olaplex treatment either in the salon or the comfort of your own home. This will rebuild the bonds of your hair and help to hold in your hot tool styling.
  • If you do have some spare cash and time, come and see us for a protein or deep conditioning treatment it will give your hair the boost of nourishment it needs.
  • If you want to give your new growth a touch up make sure to make your appointment in advance, and if you are short on time check out our Colour.Me quick menu
  • Home hair care packages are available at most salons making it easy to invest in professional products that are going to maintain the health of your mane.


Valentine’s Styles3

Accessorized Waves

If soft, beach waves are your go-to look for all special occasions and you’d rather not change that tradition, add extra touches to it. Find an accessory that you like and add it to your look, maybe add a decorative bobby pin and sweep one side of your hair, or even grab a hair chain and gently tuck it under your hair.

Messy and Sleek

A quick and easy transformation from day to night, especially if you’re in a hurry! Make a sleek, straight middle part and add curls to the ends of your hair. You don’t have to make them perfect, just curly. Take your curls, and put them randomly in a low bun. Secure them with pins. If you’re feeling especially playful leave a few wispy hairs around your face. Wowza!

Side Braid

Another messy, yet irresistibly romantic hairstyle is the side braid. To add a little bit more glam to your low, flat side braid, tease your hair in the roots and flip over your entire mane to one side. Loosely braid it. Hot mess.


Braided Crown

We’ve all seen this style, all over social media, however if you really want to take it up a notch add a cute flower halo to it.

Pristine Top Knot

A top knot is so versatile, because you can wear it on your most glam days, or on those days where you don’t feel like messing around with your hair at all. This Valentine’s Day, go for a sleek, clean top bun to add a sophisticated romantic note to your entire V Day ensemble.


1Whether you’re in relationship or foot loose and fancy free, show yourself some hair love! The Mane team can give you a great look  in just half an hour, simply choose one from our party hair menu for a cheeky night out. Visit our website to find a look that will work for you.





The Best Way To Get An Ombre

15 January, 2017


No matter what the season ombre is one of the trendiest styles to rock as effortless and natural locks remain in style over and over again.  So just how do you find the stylist that’s actually going to recreate your favourite ombre? Follow our steps, and you’ll be rocking a hair colour trend worthy of envy in no time.


Share a Pic

Sharing is caring. It’s also a guarantee that your stylist will know exactly what you like and want. Find pics of the perfect ombre on Facebook and Insta and share them with your stylist during your consultation. Describing a colour is one thing and showing it is another and we all know it’s not the colour tube that creates the magic, but the stylist’s knowledge, creativity and experience that makes your desired colour happen. As they say a picture paints a thousand words!



Find an Insta Stylist

What is social media for? To find your perfect hairdresser of course! Whether it’s Facebook or Instagram, it’s a great way to track down a hairdresser in your area. Follow and like stylists in your area to see their hairdressing work. You have the opportunity to see pics of real hairstyles before you book your next appointment.

Good Ole Word-of-Mouth

There is nothing better than a friend that has a great ombre and a stylist who is fantastic at it! Make sure to ask around, friends, family or even colleagues to find out where you can snatch your ideal ombre.



Consider Your Skin Tone

It’s not only about your hair and the condition it’s in, your skin tone also has an important role to play in getting the perfect ombre to suit. This might all sound a little complex however there are some simple tricks and tips, let’s break it down. To choose an ombre that will most likely suit your skin tone look at pictures of people with similar colouring to you. There is nothing stopping you from getting the ombre you want, however if you’re porcelain pale, the same ombre that JLO rocks might not be ideal for you.

Approach it Gradually

Maybe, just maybe, your perfect ombre isn’t one appointment away for your hair. Often it will take a couple of visits to the salon to reach your #hairgoals. Your stylist will be able to discuss a hair journey with you. Each visit will be tailored to achieving the ombre you desire. Tone it down, kick it up a notch, or simply maintaining your regrowth, a great stylist will advise and guide you to getting and keeping the right colour for you.

how to get a geat ombre blog

Consult With Your Stylist

And last yet not at all lest, make sure to consult your stylist on whether ombre is the right choice for you. Hair is what they do and love and your stylist is the best person to help you get the hair that will make you look and feel a million bucks!

Why risk it when it comes to your hair?!! Get your hair done with the colour experts

For the Love of Colour

9 January, 2017


If you’re anything like us, only few things will be exhilarating as a fresh change of hair colour! There’s just something about a new colour that gives your life an entire new twist and the new year is definitely all about the twists and changes! Here’s what we want you to consider in 2017.


Dear pastel, we are never going to get sick of you. Pink, purple or blue, pastels are still on the rise and it’s a trend that won’t be going away any time soon. If you’re worried that these pastel shades will only go with messy boho hair don’t be! Pastel pink is going glam, especially with more and more celebrities spotted sporting an elegant updo rocking pastel pink hair.

Beautiful Brunettes

Going all the way from espresso to milk chocolate, beautiful brunettes are the new jam of 2017. If you’re naturally blessed with this shade, lucky you! However, if you want to add beautiful chocolate shades to your hair this is the perfect time. Rich, glossy chocolate brown shades are shiny and beautiful, and they are back in style.


Pop of Colour

Whether they are classic highlights, baby lights or snowlights if you are looking for more of a subtle change adding a pop of colour can bring your hair back to life giving you a completely new look.




Hello clip-ins! If you’re really keen on making a change without making it permanent, try some fun coloured real hair clip ins. There are numerous colours to choose from and you can clip them in yourself or have one of our stylists clip them in for you.

Of course, there is always Color.Bug by Kevin.Murphy for super fun colors on a big night out or use a hair mascara to add a pop of colour to the lengths of your hair.


Seamless Blondes

All shades of blondes are always welcome and seamless blondes are ever increasing in popularity! Let our Mane-iacs find the perfect blonde to suit your skin tone, platinum, buttery, beige or silver for us it’s all about creating a beautiful smooth, seamless mix of colours.


Love them all and not sure which colour way to kick-start your new year hair? Meet with one of our talented stylists to see what works best for you!

Happy New Year, Happy New Hair!

4 January, 2017

'Change your hair, change your life' Coco Chanel

Happy New Year, Happy New Hair!

There’s a saying that when a girl changes her hair, she’s about to change her life. All we can say is, go for it! And just in case you’re hesitating, to give you that extra push you need and  start off the new year with a new do, here are a few of our suggestions on ways to make the change.


  1. Get a Fringe Without a Cringe

A fringe is very sexy, especially when it’s done right. If you’re cringing at the very vision of a fringe on your face, then stop right now. They are perfect for framing the face, and since there’s more than just one type, your stylist and you can play around with the look to figure out which one flatters you the most. The trick to finding the perfect fringe is to remember not one size fits all. Personalise it with the team at Mane salon, we can take the guesswork out using our FRINGE.BENEFITS system so that you can try before you buy with a sneak preview. Make it unique to your face shape and style.



  1. Chop for a Change

A trim is always a good idea, especially after all the celebrations. Your hair has probably been through a lot of styling and heating, so a good trim is in order. Why not go for a big chop! To make a drastic change, go short, or add a few dramatic layers that are going to take your hair to new heights.


  1. Match Your Skin Tone

If following latest hair trends wasn’t tough enough, now there’s all the all the talk about matching your skin tone to your hair colour to highlight your natural beauty and create a colour that suits your skin perfectly. To us, this is exciting. We love taking your old colour, and switching it up so it’s unique to your skin tone.



  1. Update the Colour

Whether you’re a proud owner of virgin hair and want to finally venture into the land of coloured manes or you want to try out a new trend like pastel shades or seamless blonde, January is the perfect month to make the change. A new colour means a new beginning. And a great new accessory to start off 2017 in a playful manner!


  1. Go Extreme

Craving a change of a lifetime? Than go hard or go home. If you’re blonde go dark and vice versa. Let the talented Mane team take you on a hair journey this year and make 2017 the year of the hair! It might seem like a big step, however if you’re going to make this year memorable, smash those #hairgoals!

Make a date with one of the talented Mane team. Change your hair, change your life.